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Tesla Pushes FSD Beta to All Owners Globally, Stays Miles Ahead of Competition

Tesla FSD

Tesla just dropped a bombshell on the self-driving car scene. The company revealed today that they’ve pushed the Full Self-Driving Beta software update out to all its owners across the globe who opted for the FSD package, which totals around 400,000 vehicles. This means Tesla owners from Europe to Asia can now experience the highly-anticipated autonomous driving features, though the functionality may still be hidden in some areas awaiting regulatory approval.

Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.4 is now available for download!

Talk about not seeing that one coming! Once the green light’s given, Tesla can flip the switch and activate the FSD suite remotely without requiring any over-the-air updates. Pretty slick if you ask me.

Tesla’s FSD neural network software was rewritten using the Transformer algorithm in 2021. Chinese rivals hurried to follow suit, with Xpeng redoing theirs in 2022, LI Auto, NIO, and Huawei roll out Transformer-based software in 2023. It’s obvious that Chinese electric vehicle makers have taken more than a few pages from Tesla’s playbook in how they design their driver-assist software.

Chinese EV makers have been heavily influenced by Tesla’s AI Day and the progress of FSD, not just in terms of vehicle design but also in ADAS software.

With hordes of Chinese brands jumping on the Transformer bandwagon for their ADAS systems after this year, Elon Musk decided to switch gears to the Diffusion algorithm for round two. In a tweet, Musk hinted that “Tesla is shifting emphasis to diffusion for compute efficiency, but will probably drop even that. No company is anywhere close to Tesla in useful AI compute per Watt”, Tesla’s Feature end to end World Model: The Key to Full Self-Driving?

No question about it, Tesla’s miles ahead of the competition when it comes to the AI computing power and efficiency in their vehicles.

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