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Tesla Record-Breaking Month in China, Delivering 93,680 new vehicles in June

Canaccord Genuity just cut his price target on $TSLA from $267 to $234

Tesla knocked it outta the park in China last month, the California-based electric vehicle maker delivered an eye-popping 93,680 new whip to customers in the EV in June, a 19% jump from the previous month, its best China sales figures so far this year.

With over 1,600 Superchargers and 700 destination chargers across China now, Tesla’s given its owners plenty of juice wherever they roam. Every province and big city in the country’s now hooked up to Tesla’s supercharging network.

Barring some crazy unforeseen event, Tesla’s poised to stomp traditional gas-guzzling luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi and take the crown for most premium vehicles delivered in China for June and the whole first half of 2023.

With Shanghai Gigafactory shut down for 2 months last year, who’d’ve thunk China would lead the charge in deliveries this quarter? pressure was on in China, which is Tesla’s most competitive and high-pressure market, yet the company delivered with ease.

But China ain’t the only place where Tesla’s winning fans fast. The company just put out its latest global production and delivery numbers, and they’re off the charts. Tesla built nearly 480,000 all-electric rides in the second quarter (Tesla delivered high 466,140 vehicles in Q2, Skyrocket and Silencing Skeptics), up an insane 86% from the same time last year. They delivered over 466,000 to customers around the world, an 83% jump.

Those figures beat what Wall Street expected by a mile and sent Tesla’s stock price up almost 7% the day after the news dropped, adding about $57 billion to the company’s value.

With skyrocketing sales and shares, massive growth in China, and exciting new models like the Model 3 Highland and Cybertruck around the corner, Tesla’s future looks bright. Where will the EV giant go from here? The road ahead promises to be an exciting one.

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