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Tesla Cyberquad Ultimate Off-Road Adventure for Kids Toys Coming to China

Tesla Cyberquad

Have your kids been begging for their own set of wheels? have good news for you! Tesla recently announced on their Weibo page that their futuristic kiddie quad, the Cyberquad for Kids, will be hitting the Chinese market in just three short days.

This off-road motorcycle is built tough, just like its bigger brother, the Cybertruck. It’s designed to handle rough terrain and steep inclines, so your kids can explore even the most challenging trails.

Though the Cyberquad’s only been on sale in the US and Canada so far, it looks like our friends across the pond will now get a chance to fulfill their kids’ need for speed too. According to Tesla’s site, the Cyberquad can hit a max of 8 km/h and has a range of 13 km per charge, all-terrain vehicle is designed specifically for children aged 8-12, making it the perfect ride for your little adventurers.

Now for the not-so-great news…this futuristic toy doesn’t come cheap. The Cyberquad will set Chinese customers back a whopping 11990 RMB, which converts to $2,000 USD! Tesla touts the quad as an “off-road motorcycle” (even though top speed is slower than most kids can run!) but parents should be aware this isn’t some simple plug-and-play toy, Cyberquad comes delivered in 18 different components for customer assembly.

While the Cyberquad might be a fun gift for tech-loving kids, the high price point may leave some parents hoping for a lower-cost, ready-to-ride option. For now though, if you’ve got the cash and patience for at-home assembly, Tesla’s pint-sized Cyberquad could make for an unforgettable Christmas morning!

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