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Home » Twitter Transforms into “X” as New Name and Logo Officially Take Effect

Twitter Transforms into “X” as New Name and Logo Officially Take Effect

Twitter Transforms into "X"

Twitter has undergone a complete rebranding, transforming into “X” as the company’s new name and logo have now officially taken effect. The former blue bird has flown the coop, replaced by a sleek black “X” that now adorns the platform’s icons, buttons, and headquarters.

CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted the announcement earlier today: “The Twitter logo is now officially X.” Along with the new typography, the color scheme has shifted to black and gray. Elon Musk also updated his profile picture to feature the X logo against a black background.

elon musk x logo

This rebranding marks a major shift for the company since Musk’s acquisition. The tech mogul has grand visions of shaping X into a “super app” that goes beyond social media. With the new name and visual identity, Musk aims to signal that this platform can be a one-stop shop for everything from shopping to financial services.

“We’re soon to say goodbye to the Twitter brand name and all the little birds,” Musk tweeted on Sunday morning, heralding the imminent rebrand. Shortly after, the sleek X appeared on the website, supplanting the familiar blue bird. The mobile app will also display the new logo after updating.

Musk reportedly informed staffers through email that this would be his last correspondence using the domain. From now on, the address will be (Elon Musk announces to redirect to and introduces X logo).

By ditching Twitter for X, Musk wants to underscore the potential for exponential growth. X signifies limitless possibilities and unknowns, reflecting his grand ambitions. This is truly the end of an era for the original Twitter brand. But for Musk, this sweeping rebrand is merely the first step in his quest to transform the platform into something wholly new.

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