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2024-2025 Mini Cooper Electric, Goes Retro Electric of a Button-Filled Dashboard

2024 -2025 Mini Cooper Electric

Ready for a blast from the past? BMW certainly is, as it takes its Mini Cooper on a journey back in time with its new electric model. The 2024-2025 Mini Cooper Electric is all about reviving the vintage vibe of the iconic car while keeping up with the latest trends in the automotive industry.

You’d be forgiven for thinking the iconic Mini Cooper had passed its prime. The plucky little car first rolled off the line in 1959, after all. But BMW has breathed new life into the retro legend over the years, and now the Mini is embracing electrification in a major way.

The new Mini Cooper Electric has always been a favorite among urban women, thanks to its small and stylish design. But BMW has taken it up a notch with its tuning, giving it a more rigid side that’s full of driving pleasure. And when it comes to electrification, the Mini Cooper is no slouch. In fact, it’s the earliest and most successful electrified model in BMW’s history, paving the way for the brand’s embrace of electrification.

When BMW relaunched the Mini in 2001, no one expected it to be a pioneer in EV tech. But the zippy Mini was a natural fit for an electric makeover. In 2008, BMW debuted the Mini E concept, an all-electric adaptation of the Cooper. Global field tests followed, making the Mini one of the first players in BMW’s electrification game.

Fast forward to today, and the Mini is still leading the charge. BMW’s latest financials show a mind-blowing 150.7% increase in EV sales, with the Mini SE seeing demand shoot up 8.8%.

With the clear future of electrification, BMW has found a new goal in retro styling. Spy photos of the 2024 Mini EV show that BMW intends to maintain modernity in the car’s exterior while going all-out retro on the interior. In fact, this new Mini is considered more Mini than any other Mini, with interiors that draw inspiration from the first-generation designer Alec Issigonis.

2024 -2025 Mini Cooper Electric

Looking closely at the interior of the new electric Mini, you’ll notice that it adopts almost the exact same layout as the first generation. The Mini internal design team removed the instrument panel and carried all information on a HUD, while the in-car entertainment information is integrated into the middle circular control, echoing the simple dial of the first generation. And if you think it’s all about technology, think again. Mini’s electrified models follow the first generation by retaining a large number of physical buttons. The simple and clear style pays tribute to the first generation, and the retro flavor is overwhelming.

New 2024-2025 Mini Cooper Electric is getting a seriously tricked out cabin, Mini just debuted their new “Mini Experience Modes” interior, and it looks crazy futuristic. We’re talking full-on immersive lighting, augmented reality, and some real sci-fi vibes up in the new electric model.

Ambient LED lighting illuminates the entire cockpit, with colorful light projections on the knitted dash. It’s like mood lighting on steroids! There’s also a head-up display straight out of Iron Man, showing info right on the windshield so drivers don’t take their eyes off the road.

But the wildest feature has to be the AR experience. Mini designed an augmented reality system that literally transforms the interior. One mode makes it look like you’re driving through outer space!
Other modes change colors, graphics, and textures to completely revamp the interior look and feel.

We’ll get all the juicy details on the Mini Cooper Electric and its tricked out cabin at the Munich Motor Show this September before it hits in early 2024. The future of driving looks neon bright!

With its vintage-inspired interiors and modern exterior design, new Mini Cooper Electric aims to capture the hearts of drivers who love the classic Mini Cooper but also want to keep up with the latest trends. The Mini has always been more fashion than function. As BMW steers toward an electric future, they’re taking a cue from the past. Turns out retro is right on trend. Who says you can’t go home again? For the Mini Cooper, the future looks an awful lot like the beginning.

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