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Lucid Air Sapphire Rolls Off the Assembly Line, Bringing a New EV Sports Sedan to Market


American automaker Lucid has been making waves in the auto industry since its founding in 2007, promising to bring high-performance luxury EVs to the market. Last night, the Newark, California-based company tweeted that the first production vehicle of its show-stopping Lucid Air Sapphire edition has officially rolled off the assembly line, marking a major milestone.

Dubbed by the company as “the world’s first luxury electric super sports sedan,” the Lucid Air Sapphire debuted last summer at Monterey Car Week, capturing the imagination of gearheads across the nation. Packing a drivetrain with two motors mounted over the rear axle and one up front, the top-of-the-line Air Sapphire boasts a staggering 1,200 horsepower, rocketing it from 0-60 mph in a neck-snapping 1.89 seconds.

Lucid has claimed the souped-up EV sedan can lap major racetracks significantly faster than many well-known supercars, with its power, handling, braking, and speed promising a new breed of four-door exotic. Initially, the company planned limited availability of the $249,000 ride for well-heeled speed demons, but production appears to have hit snags leading to delays.

The event comes on the heels of Lucid announcing Q2 2023 production and delivery numbers earlier this month. While the automaker built 2,173 vehicles, up 204% from last year, deliveries outpaced production, reducing inventory slightly. Lucid handed over 1,404 cars, a 107% increase annually.


The successful run of the first production Lucid Air Sapphire off the line brings Lucid one step closer to shaking up the luxury performance segment. As the rest of the EV world watches, the company looks to back up its bold claims with actual vehicles in customer garages, setting the stage for an historic run by a brash upstart.

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