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Construction Ramps Up at Tesla’s New Gigafactory Site in Mexico

Tesla's Gigafactory in Mexico

Heavy machinery has been spotted at the future site of Tesla’s Gigafactory in Santa Catarina, Mexico, indicating that preliminary work is underway for the electric automaker’s newest production facility. Images emerging on social media show excavators, dump trucks, and other construction equipment active on the large plot of land located just outside Monterrey.

While an official groundbreaking has yet to take place, it’s clear that Tesla is eager to get a head start on building out its manufacturing footprint south of the border. The company announced plans for Gigafactory Mexico back in March, projecting it would produce Tesla’s mass market Model 3 and Model Y vehicles destined for North American buyers when fully operational.

Local reports suggest the diggers are preparing the site for foundation work and infrastructure upgrades to support the massive factory. Though Tesla has kept specifics close to the vest, the facility is expected to eventually employ thousands of workers and pump out hundreds of thousands of cars annually.

For Tesla watchers, spotting early construction activity is a promising sign that Elon Musk and company remain committed to expanding despite economic headwinds. Once complete, Gigafactory Mexico will join facilities in places like Shanghai, Berlin, and Austin as key pillars in Tesla’s global production chain. The ambitious automaker continues working towards its mission of accelerating the world’s transition to sustainable energy, one Gigafactory at a time.

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