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Home » Tesla Launches New Universal Wall Connector – One Charger for Any Electric Vehicle

Tesla Launches New Universal Wall Connector – One Charger for Any Electric Vehicle

Tesla Mobile Connector or Wall Connector, What's the Wiser Call?

Tesla has introduced an new product for electric vehicle owners – the Universal Wall Connector. Priced at $595, this versatile home charger aims to eliminate the need for multiple charging devices and adapters.

The key feature of the Universal Wall Connector is its ability to charge both Tesla vehicles and other electric cars. It has an integrated J1772 adapter that allows it to connect to any EV. No more fumbling with adapters or having separate chargers for a Tesla and another brand.

“This is the only home charging solution designed to charge all electric vehicles. One device for any EV – it couldn’t be easier,” said Elon Musk, Tesla CEO.

In addition to its universal compatibility, the device offers robust charging capacity. It can add up to 44 miles of range per charging hour at the max 11.5 kW power output.

The Wall Connector also has some nifty tech features. Tesla owners can monitor and control charging via the Tesla app. The Wi-Fi enabled device receives over-the-air software updates and supports remote diagnostics.

Tesla Universal Wall Connector

For flexibility, the Wall Connector works indoors and outdoors. Its 24-foot cable provides ample length for home garage or driveway installation. Power sharing allows multiple connectors to be installed.

Tesla is angling the Wall Connector as a one-stop solution for EV charging infrastructure. For homes, businesses and public spaces aiming to support electric vehicles, it eliminates the need for different chargers. Drivers also benefit from being able to charge up with a single device.

The launch of the Universal Wall Connector shows Tesla seeking to expand its influence beyond its own fleet. As more automakers roll out EVs, there is growing demand for accessible, smart charging stations. Tesla’s new product aims right at that market gap.

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