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SpaceX Quietly Unveils $200 Gen 3 Starlink Router, But It’s Only for Select Users

3 Gen Starlink Router

SpaceX has quietly revealed its next-generation Starlink satellite internet router, dubbed the Third-Generation Starlink Wi-Fi Router, in a move to boost performance and expand compatibility for its growing constellation of broadband internet satellites.

The new tri-band router supports Wi-Fi 6 for faster wireless speeds, extended range, and enhanced stability across multiple devices. It also adds two extra ethernet ports on the back, allowing users to directly wire more devices like TVs, game consoles, and computers into the network.

3 Gen Starlink Router

But there’s a catch – the Gen 3 router currently costs $200, a steep upgrade fee that some early testers were asked to pay. SpaceX confirmed that for now, the new router is only available to select early Starlink beta users in the US.

With Wi-Fi 6 support and the additional wired ports, the Gen 3 router aims to deliver more consistent speeds and connectivity throughout the home. But that next-gen experience will cost you – even if you’re already paying $110 per month for the Starlink service itself.

It’s unclear if or when all Starlink users will have access to the upgraded router. For now, it seems SpaceX is testing the new hardware with a small test group to work out any kinks before a wider launch.

The move highlights Starlink’s ambitions to keep enhancing performance as more satellites join its constellation, even if those upgrades come at a price. As satellite internet becomes more competitive with terrestrial broadband, reliability and speed will be key benchmarks for providers like SpaceX.

But will users bite on the $200 upgrade for the new router? That remains to be seen, especially when wireless routers capable of Wi-Fi 6 can be found for much less. Still, for those desperate for every ounce of speed from their satellite connections, SpaceX is betting the price is worth it.

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