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Home » Tesla App allows add Wall Connector as a Product, Enhances Control with App

Tesla App allows add Wall Connector as a Product, Enhances Control with App

Tesla app Wall Connector as a product

Tesla has begun rolling out an exciting new integration allowing owners to manage their Wall Connectors directly within the Tesla app. The feature provides enhanced visibility and control over the charging stations, whows the actual car while charging and can set the wall connector to have it’s own charging schedule.

Canadian Tesla owners are reporting that Wall Connector products now show up as an option to add in their Tesla app, alongside their vehicles. This provides a centralized place to monitor, access data, and share access to the Wall Connectors.

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Tesla app Wall Connector as a product

Once added, the app displays granular real-time stats for the Wall Connector like charging speed, session duration, and energy usage data. Owners can even view location history to confirm charging activity.

The increased insights and access mirror the remote control functionality owners have for their Tesla vehicles. Just like the cars, the Wall Connectors can now be shared with up to 5 other users through the app.

While the feature appears limited to Canada initially, it’s likely to expand to the US and other markets soon as Tesla continues improving integration between products.

The Wall Connector integration demonstrates Tesla’s continual efforts to enhance the ownership experience through app-connected products. With robust software and a connected ecosystem, Tesla aims to make electric vehicle adoption seamless.

This latest improvement provides owners useful visibility into charging station activity and gives more flexibility to securely share access. As Tesla builds out its charging infrastructure globally, expect even deeper software connectivity and control capabilities.

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