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Sony IMX735 Image Sensor 17.4MP for Self-Driving Vehicles

SONY IMX735 CMOS sensor

Sony has unveiled a new image sensor designed specifically for advanced driver-assistance systems and autonomous vehicles, new IMX735 CMOS sensor packs 17.42 million pixels for highly detailed image capture to enhance computer vision capabilities.

With a 1/1.17-inch size, the IMX735 sensor features 3,017 horizontal pixels and 5,777 vertical pixels. The higher resolution allows it to capture sharper images with more visual data to feed into algorithms for object recognition and scene understanding.

Sony engineered a proprietary pixel structure and exposure method to achieve wide dynamic range up to 130dB in certain modes. This helps reduce motion artifacts and prevent overexposed highlights in challenging lighting environments like tunnels.

The sensor can capture frames at high speeds up to 45FPS at full resolution or reach 60FPS with windowing. This fast frame rate ensures responsive input for real-time analysis.

Before mass production, the IMX735 will undergo extensive reliability testing to meet automotive component standards. Optional security features prevent tampering, providing assurance for safety-critical implementations.


As cars continue progressing towards higher levels of autonomy, imaging sensors play a crucial role in environmental perception. Sony’s new IMX735 brings high resolution and specialized auto features to expand sensing capabilities for self-driving systems.

With 17.4 megapixels of detail, advanced HDR, and fast frame rates, the IMX735 strengthens machine vision input for tasks like traffic monitoring, emergency maneuvering, and navigating complex driving scenarios.

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