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Tesla Adds Emergency Rear Door Release to Refreshed Model 3 Highland in Safety Upgrade


In a welcome safety upgrade, Tesla has implemented emergency rear door release capabilities in case of power loss situations for the refreshed Model 3 Highland, new feature brings Tesla’s vehicles more in line with mature industry standards.

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As outlined in recently updated refreshed Model 3 Highland owner’s manuals, Tesla has installed manual door release cables at the bottom of the rear door storage pockets. Each release has a plastic cover that can be removed to access the mechanical lever and open the doors without power.

This complements a similar manual release already present for the front doors, allowing occupants to safely exit in an emergency. However, the rear door mechanism sensibly adds a cover likely to prevent accidental openings while driving.


Per the refreshed Model 3 owner’s manual, during power loss situations:

  • Remove the cover from the bottom of the rear door pocket
  • Pull forward the mechanical release cable

With the addition of rear manual releases, the refreshed Model 3 now provides improved peace of mind that occupants can safely exit the vehicle even without power.

The move highlights Tesla’s continued maturity as an automaker, bringing its safety standards up to par with long-standing industry norms. As the company’s vehicles become more mainstream, designing for unlikely edge cases becomes increasingly important.

While hopefully never necessary, the new rear door emergency release capability is a prudent enhancement. It provides added assurance that Tesla vehicles can maintain safety in diverse situations, power loss included.

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