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Volvo to Become First Automaker to Completely Phase Out Diesel Vehicles By 2024


Volvo has announced it will cease production of all remaining diesel-powered vehicles by early 2024, an impressive move cementing its ambitious electrification plans.

The company aims to become a fully electric-only brand by 2030. Phasing out diesel represents a key milestone, making Volvo the first mainstream automaker to completely eliminate diesel cars.

In a statement at Climate Week NYC, Volvo CEO Jim Rowan said “electric powertrains are our future” and emphasized the company’s focus on “premium, fully electric vehicles.”

The phase out caps years of Volvo downscaling diesel offerings amid declining demand. In 2019, most Volvo models sold in Europe had diesel engines. But consumer climate concerns and emissions regulations have rapidlyAccelerated the technology’s demise.

Volvo recently spun off its internal combustion development into a separate entity and sold its stake, signaling no more investment in conventional engines. New electric models like the Volvo EX30 and EX90 SUVs are arriving soon.

The strategy shift has also impacted Volvo’s model lineup. Recently, the company trimmed sedan and wagon variants from its UK range to emphasize the more popular SUVs.

Volvo’s announcement solidifies its place amongst the most progressive legacy automakers rapidly transitioning to EVs. By decisively eliminating diesel years before rivals, Volvo is setting the bar for the industry’s sustainable transformation.

This defining moment exemplifies the coming end of the diesel era. Led by climate-focused disruptors like Volvo, the auto industry is accelerating toward an all-electric, zero-emissions future.

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