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Tesla Aims for Over 60,000 Employees at Giga Texas to Support Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla is planning massive employee growth at its Giga Texas factory, with plans to exceed 60,000 workers once Cybertruck production is in full swing. The ambitious target reflects scaling up for Tesla’s highly anticipated pickup.

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According to Jason Shawhan, Tesla’s director of manufacturing at Giga Texas, the company currently has around 20,000 employees at the factory. But with the Cybertruck on the horizon, Tesla expects over triple that number on staff.

This enormous hiring push would make Giga Texas one of Tesla’s largest facilities in terms of headcount. It highlights the output levels anticipated once Cybertruck models start rolling off production lines.

However, all those additional employees will create facility growing pains. Tesla has already run into parking shortages for its current workforce entering 2023.

To accommodate the influx of new hires expected over the next 1-2 years, Tesla is constructing a large parking garage adjacent to the factory. Parking has been an ongoing challenge as operations have scaled rapidly.

Cybertruck ramped up production in mid-2024. Reaching 60,000+ employees demonstrates Tesla’s confidence in demand and the pivotal role Giga Texas will play in fulfilling orders.

But staffing up 10x from current levels is no small task. Tesla’s HR and recruiting teams have their work cut out to attract and onboard tens of thousands of new workers in short order.

If goals are met, Giga Texas will represent a new milestone both for Tesla’s manufacturing prowess and its emergence as a major employer in Texas, Tesla Cybertruck effect is set to be felt not only on roads, but across the local job market.