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NIO Phone: NIO Launches First EV Maker Designed Phone with EV Connectivity

NIO Phone

NIO has unveiled its inaugural smartphone model name NIO Phone, during its 2023 NIO IN Innovation Technology Day event, electric vehicle maker is pricing the NIO Phone starting around $900, with deliveries beginning September 28th.

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As the first smartphone created by an EV company, the NIO Phone aims to provide unique integration with NIO’s tech ecosystem and vehicles. NIO expects at least 50% of its vehicle owners will purchase the smartphone.

NIO Phone Connectivity with NIO Vehicles

According to NIO founder William Li, users need a smartphone that seamlessly connects with their NIO vehicles to enable next-level experiences centered around the car.

The NIO Phone offers 30 one-touch car control functions for doors, navigation, media, climate, and more. NIO Link enables fluid integration with the in-vehicle infotainment system.

Special modes optimize the NIO Phone when placed in specific spots inside the cabin, like an “Executive Mid-Island” control interface atop the center console.

NIO Phone

Flagship Class Specs

As a flagship smartphone, the NIO Phone packs top specifications including:

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor
  • Up to 16GB RAM and 1TB storage
  • 6.81″ 2K 120Hz Samsung E6 LTPO display with 1800 nit peak brightness
  • 50MP main, ultra-wide and periscope telephoto rear cameras
  • 5200mAh battery with 66W wired and 50W wireless charging

Ultrasonic 3D fingerprint scanning, UWB technology, and a pure Android-based OS with privacy focus represent additional high-end features, no other pre-install apps.

Unique Integration Features

The tight vehicle integration enables unique capabilities including:

  • Clipboard navigation syncing from phone to vehicle
  • Viewing phone-based media on the car display
  • Using car systems for video conferencing
  • Gaming on the in-vehicle screen via “Sky Window” mode
  • Keyless entry and start based on UWB multi-car recognition

With remote control, users can handle navigation, climate, door locks, summoning, and more right from the NIO Phone.

Targeting Tech-Savvy NIO EV Owner

With advanced flagship specs and custom NIO software, it’s clear the niche NIO Phone is geared specifically toward the company’s tech-enthused customer and NIO EV Owner base.

NIO clearly isn’t trying to compete directly with Apple, Samsung, and other mobile giants. But for NIO owners seeking the deepest integration, the NIO Phone provides a compelling option.

And by designing its own model in-house, NIO can iterate and update the phone software much faster than relying on a third-party brand. This phone is NIO’s hardware realization of its broader ecosystem ambitions.

For EV companies pursuing their own experiences beyond the car, NIO’s smartphone play represents an intriguing example of driving loyalty through integrated lifestyle products. The NIO Phone could very well set the blueprint for additional EV maker-designed devices as the market matures.

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