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Tesla’s Take Refreshed Model 3 Highland to Craftsmanship Upgrades from Marcus Roffey


Tesla has provided new insights into the meticulous design and engineering undertaken for the refreshed Model 3 interior through comments by Marcus Roffey, head of Tesla’s global Craftsmanship team. His remarks spotlight the brand’s obsessive focus on taking perceived quality to new levels.

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Roffey explained that a primary goal was to “premium-up” the whole car through precision upgrades. This provided an opportunity to significantly elevate both material quality and manufacturing execution.

Tesla refreshed Model 3

On the exterior, Tesla streamlined the tail light casings into seamless one-piece units with tighter tolerances for a sleeker lit appearance. Gaps around the headlamps were also tightened to achieve a flush fit important for aerodynamics and range.

But Roffey noted that the more exciting improvements were made inside through extensive use of genuine metals, soft-touch surfaces, and meticulous stitching details.

Examples include aluminum components on the steering wheel, dashboard, and console, perforated and ventilated seats, soft-foam wrapped pillars and headliner, and precision-cut speaker grilles integrated into trim pieces.

Achieving luxury-level craftsmanship was a painstaking process, but critical to matching the Model 3’s sophisticated tech aesthetic. Tesla aimed to balance high-end ambience and flawless execution without excessive ornamentation.

Roffey expressed pride in the team’s work ethic and attention to nuance that allowed Tesla to “premium-up” the full ownership experience. From subtle gap adjustments to major material upgrades, the refreshed Model 3 interior represents a new standard for Tesla build quality.

These granular improvements highlighting Tesla’s growing manufacturing skills will help further position the Model 3 Highland as a leader in design, performance, and now refinement as well in the competitive luxury EV space.