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Home » Tesla Brings V4 Superchargers to Italy – Up to 350kW Charging Power

Tesla Brings V4 Superchargers to Italy – Up to 350kW Charging Power

tesla V4 supercharger

Tesla has activated its next-generation V4 Superchargers in Italy, marking the continued expansion of the company’s high-speed charging infrastructure across Europe.

The first Italian V4 Supercharger site opened just southeast of Rome. Italy now joins the Netherlands and the UK as European markets with operational V4 stations.

Tesla V4 Superchargers in Italy

Compared to Tesla’s previous V3 Superchargers, the new V4 units deliver substantially higher peak charging rates up to 350 kW. This enables reduced charging times, with optimized power delivery for charging larger battery packs.

Early user reports indicate the V4 Superchargers in the Netherlands reach charging currents up to 615A, a 31% increase over V3. The charging cables are also longer for easier vehicle access.

Additionally, the recently opened UK V4 site introduced contactless payment capabilities via the Tesla app. This offers greater convenience by eliminating the need to use a physical credit card when at the charging station.

The launch of V4 Superchargers in Italy coincides with the upcoming market introduction of Tesla’s refreshed Model 3 highland sedan. Deliveries of the new Model 3 are expected to start in the country next month, see Refreshed Tesla Model 3 Highland Makes Its Debut in Italy, Deliveries Start October.

As Tesla continues improving its proprietary fast charging technology, the new V4 Superchargers will help deliver superior owner experiences across Europe. Faster charging speeds benefit day-to-day usability and make Tesla EVs more appealing for long-distance road trips.

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