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Tesla Rolls Out Subtle Model Y Updates From Giga Shanghai

Updated Model Y

Tesla has introduced some small but noticeable changes to the Model Y built at Giga Shanghai without altering pricing. The updates include new ambient lighting, a revised dashboard, and different default wheels.

So, new updates Model Y also brings HW4.0 and NVH reduction kits this time?

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The interior changes replace the wood trim with a new textile material on the dashboard. Ambient lighting frames the storage compartments and cup holders to provide a more premium look and feel.

updated Model Y at Giga Shanghai

Externally, the 19″ Gemini wheels switch from silver to black as the new default option. They complement the various Model Y exterior colors nicely for a sportier aesthetic.

These tweaks apply only to Model Ys produced at Giga Shanghai for the China market currently. Models from Fremont and Giga Texas in the US remain unchanged.

While not drastic enough to warrant the label of a mid-cycle refresh, the changes freshen up the Model Y slightly. They will likely tide Chinese customers over until Tesla brings the recently updated Model 3’s major redesign to the Model Y later on.

Early customer reaction highlights the much sleeker black Gemini wheels as a noticeable improvement over the bright silver previously equipped.

Tesla continues iterating and refining its global vehicle manufacturing presence. Subtle updates like these provide small but meaningful enhancements while keeping deliveries flowing. Chinese Model Y owners now have a chance to be among the first with the latest tweaks.

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