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Exclusive: Tesla Cybertruck VIN 002 Up for Grabs at Petersen Museum Charity Auction

Tesla Cybertruck

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles is auctioning off a highly coveted low VIN 2024 Tesla Cybertruck at its 29th Annual Gala on October 7th. Comedian Jay Leno will host the star-studded event.

Gala tickets start at $1,750 per person, with Premier tables going for $30,000. Attendees will have the opportunity to bid on the rare chance to own one of the very first production Cybertrucks off the line.


With its distinctive origami-inspired stainless steel body and unconventional angular shape, the Cybertruck has built a legendary aura since its announcement in 2019. However, repeated production delays have added to its elusiveness.

The Petersen Museum stated this will be an exclusive opportunity for a bidder to secure the electric pickup before wide public availability. Considering the intense hype and collectibility around the Cybertruck, the winning bid may reach well into the six figures.

Tesla has not officially announced production numbers for the first Cybertrucks in 2024. But VIN 001 is expected to be housed in the Tesla design studio, making VIN 002 up for auction a seminal piece of Tesla history.

Given the Cybertruck’s iconic status and the significance of an ultralow VIN model, bids likely far exceed the $100,000 base price. My guess is the Petersen’s Cybertruck fetches over $500,000 from the crowd of wealthy attendees.

The museum gala provides the perfect backdrop for such a historic sale. The winning bidder will secure a highly coveted place in Tesla history as an original Cybertruck owner.

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