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Tesla FSD beta V11.4.7.2 improvements that inch the system closer to full autonomy

Tesla FSD

Initial driving experiences with Tesla’s latest FSD beta release V11.4.7.2 highlight meaningful improvements that inch the system closer to full autonomy.

Tesla Begins Delivering Vehicles With FSD Beta Pre-Installed

Testers praise the smooth, human-like acceleration and braking when starting from standstills and approaching stopped traffic. Lane changes feel more refined as well.

Latency in stop-and-go conditions is reduced, enabling better reactions to surrounding vehicles. Overall driving comfort and defensiveness also appears enhanced.

Multiple successive lane changes occur in a more natural human-mimicking style. Creeping forward at traffic lights like an attentive driver is another notable refinement.

The system exhibits improved route anticipation based on navigation guidance. It also seems to leverage map data of parking lots for visualization beyond sensor range.

Joe Mode keeps cabin noise extremely quiet, while turns are executed gently with passenger comfort in mind. Assertive lane changes help progress in heavy traffic.

Being able to view live feeds from all vehicle cameras for monitoring surroundings is a handy new feature addition too.

As Tesla compiles more real-world data to refine its neural networks, incremental FSD updates like this bring fully autonomous capability closer to reality. The latest release poliches certain driving dynamics further.

With customer feedback helping identify areas for improvement, Tesla’s agile development process continues steadily enhancing the FSD beta over time. Each version provides a tangibly smoother and smarter experience.

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