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Home » Tesla Unveils Refreshed Model 3 Highland in France to Enthusiastic Crowds

Tesla Unveils Refreshed Model 3 Highland in France to Enthusiastic Crowds

Refreshed Model 3 Highland in France

Tesla held a special unveiling event for the refreshed Model 3 Highland today in France, treated to an excited reception at the beautiful Chateau_Savigny castle.

Tesla New Refreshed Model 3 Design, Price, SPECS Performance and EPA estimated range

The event took place during Tesla’s annual Owner’s Day in France, drawing crowds of eager fans. Attendees got an early look at Tesla’s revamped electric sedan before general deliveries commence, from Twitter/X Esther Kokkelmans share video and photos:

Photos show the striking color Ultra Red Model 3 Highland on display at the castle, drawing admirers and test drives.

See the refreshed styling and features for the new Model 3. Changes include an updated front end design, new wheel options, and other minor styling tweaks.

Interior upgrades were also showcased, with a focus on enhanced comfort and technology. Tesla aims to keep the New Model 3 feeling fresh amidst growing EV competition.

The enthusiastic turnout signals growing excitement for Tesla’s EV offerings in France. As one owner noted on social media, “I love seeing the French people opening up tremendously to Tesla, the future of driving!”

Today’s new Model 3 unveiling and Owner’s Day event demonstrates the momentum Tesla is building in France. With Gigafactory Berlin ramping production, Tesla France appears poised to accelerate adoption of its vehicles locally.

As Tesla continues rolling out improved models like the revitalized Model 3 Highland across Europe, it’s cementing its position as the premier EV brand. Judging by the crowds in France eagerly awaiting delivery, Tesla’s future looks bright.

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