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Home » Tesla Model 3 and Model Y with HW3 OTA Update 2023.32.6 Improves Camera Quality

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y with HW3 OTA Update 2023.32.6 Improves Camera Quality


Tesla has rolled out a new OTA update that significantly enhances the image quality of cameras equipped on vehicles with the HW3 self-driving hardware.

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Owners of Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y equipped with HW3 who installed the 2023.32.6 update have reported noticeable improvements, especially with color accuracy and low light performance. Images captured by the repeater side cameras and rear camera are now correctly rendering red colors that previously appeared washed out or pink.

One owner shared on X/Twitter: “The update looks like it includes the repeaters camera improvements. I see that red color is displayed correctly now. The quality is definitely better, at least color accuracy. Now, only the front camera has weird colors, all the other cameras are good.”

Tesla HW3 OTA Update 2023.32.6 Improves Camera Quality

This demonstrates Tesla’s ability to continuously upgrade its vehicles through remote software updates, essentially adding new features and enhancements over time. It also highlights the potential for Tesla’s HW3 vehicles to achieve full self-driving capabilities in the future as the cameras continue to improve.

However, some limitations remain. The front camera still exhibits color issues.

Nonetheless, Tesla’s over-the-air update approach means current HW3 owners can enjoy upgraded camera performance that notably improves image quality, especially in low light scenarios. This will aid Autopilot’s existing capabilities and data collection efforts as Tesla aims to deliver fully autonomous driving through future software updates.

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