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Rivian CEO Welcomes Cybertruck Competition, Focuses on Ramping Up R1T Production


Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe sees the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck as a complementary product, not direct competition for Rivian’s R1T electric pickup truck, (Rivian Kicks Off R1T Max Pack Deliveries, Adds Option for R1S). In a recent interview at the Code Conference, Scaringe discussed Rivian’s production ramp-up and the differing target markets between the R1T and Cybertruck.

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When asked if the angular, futuristic Cybertruck will threaten Rivian’s sales, Scaringe took a philosophical view. He said, “If we truly want to electrify everything, customers want lots of different things. We need to have variety.”

Scaringe believes the R1T and Cybertruck appeal to distinct types of buyers looking for different experiences. The R1T delivers rugged adventure and refined comfort, contrasting the Cybertruck’s radical, cybergoth aesthetic. Both advance electrification in their own way.

For now, Scaringe is focused on scaling R1T manufacturing to fulfill pre-orders, rather than worrying about competition. Rivian aims to produce 25,000 vehicles this year after supply chain issues in 2022.

The R1T’s reception shows strong demand for an electric truck balancing utility and luxury. And Rivian continues innovating, with the unique R2 architecture for its upcoming crossover SUV. As long as Rivian stays on track operationally, its visionary founder welcomes companies like Tesla broadening the EV pickup market.

There’s room for multiple players as electric trucks move mainstream. Rivian is poised to be a leader, providing compelling options for eco-conscious truck buyers wanting to upgrade from gas while keeping versatility. Scaringe looks forward to some friendly competition from Tesla.

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