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Tesla Rolls Out Factory Color Wrap Options for Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla color wraps

Tesla has started offering official factory-quality color wrap options for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles purchased in the United States (Check out official page). Available directly through participating Tesla service centers, these wraps allow owners to customize the exterior color and finish of their electric vehicle with the same OEM-grade materials and workmanship as the factory paint jobs.

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The newly announced Tesla color wraps include:

  • Satin Stealth Black – $7,500
  • Glacier Blue – $8,000
  • Satin Rose Gold – $8,000
  • Slip Grey – $7,500
  • Forest Green – $8,000
  • Satin Ceramic White – $8,000
  • Crimson Red – $8,000

Tesla will handle professional installation of the wraps at Service Centers, with the full process taking 5-7 business days. No loaner vehicles will be provided during installation. The wraps include coating the door jambs to ensure a seamless, unbroken look that matches the rest of the exterior.

According to Tesla, the wraps are made from a self-healing urethane film that protects the underlying factory paint from chips, scratches, swirls, and other wear. This allows owners to customize the look of their Model 3 or Y while still maintaining the integrity of the paintwork beneath the wrap. The OEM source and professional application also mean the wraps meet Tesla’s quality standards and do not void the original new vehicle warranty.

The introduction of these authorized wraps provides Model 3 and Y owners a new mid-range personalization option between sticking with the standard factory paint or paying upwards of $2,000 – $3,500 for a premium multicoat paint from Tesla. With multicoat paints still a pricier endeavor, the wraps offer a way to transform the look of a Model 3 or Y for less commitment.

Tesla notes that the wraps are currently only available for 2023 model year variants of Model 3 and Model Y. With the ramping up of wraps for its best-selling models, Tesla will likely expand the program to also offer wraps for Cybertruck when it enters production. More colors could also be added down the line to keep choices fresh.

For Tesla fans seeking to put a unique stamp on their EV without compromising quality or warranty, these authorized factory wraps deliver a new customization outlet. While still a hefty $7,500-$8,000 investment, that’s a relatively affordable price for professionally executed exclusivity.

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