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Tesla Rolls Out $5,000 Full Body Clear Paint Protection Film Options

Tesla offering clear paint protection film (PPF) service

Tesla has introduced new full body clear paint protection film (PPF) options for Model 3 and Model Y vehicles purchased in the US. Available in gloss or satin finishes, wraps provide door-to-door coverage for $5,000 – including materials and installation costs.

Tesla also launched an official vehicle color wrap options service in the United States, Gearmusk has listed Tesla Vehicle Wraps Use Premium ‘Wet-Apply’ Film Rather Than Cheaper Dry PPF.

The urethane-based clear films are designed to protect the factory paint from chips, scratches, swirling, and other damage. Tesla states the wraps are more eco-friendly compared to traditional vinyl options.

Two choices are now offered directly through Tesla:

  • Clear Gloss Wrap: Maintains the existing glossy finish of the paint for a transparent protective layer.
  • Clear Satin Wrap: Transforms the gloss paint into a uniform matte appearance when applied.

According to Tesla, the wraps are self-healing, resisting marks from washing, environmental factors, and minor abrasions. While not as thick as some aftermarket PPF layers, Tesla’s wraps provide sufficient durability for daily driving protection.

Installations will be performed at participating Tesla service centers in around 5-7 business days. The full exterior surface will be covered except for the door jambs. Appointments are required with no loaner vehicle provided during the process.

The PPF is only available for new 2023 and later Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. Offering full body wraps directly from the factory allows Tesla to provide value pricing by leveraging in-house materials and installation labor.

Third party wrap shops often charge $4,000-$6,000 just for materials alone, with labor costs on top. Tesla’s end-to-end solution comes in at the lower end of that range, installed.

By offering wraps in-house, Tesla continues bringing more of the aftermarket ecosystem in-house through vertical integration. In addition to boosted profit margins, this also ensures quality and a seamless customer experience.

While wraps will not make a major impact on Tesla’s earnings, the move highlights Tesla’s expanding first-party products and services. Much like SpaceX building more capabilities in-house, Tesla aims to deliver a fully integrated experience.

Tesla’s cost-effective clear wrap offerings now provide Model 3 and Y owners a premium protection and personalization upgrade direct from the factory. As the company expands its rappidly growing service footprint, expect even more opportunities like PPF wrapping to be offered under one Tesla roof.