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Tesla Vehicle Wraps Use Premium ‘Wet-Apply’ Film Rather Than Cheaper Dry PPF

Tesla color wraps

Tesla has recently launched an official vehicle wrap service for Model 3 and Model Y owners in the United States, Tesla Rolls Out Factory Color Wrap Options for Model 3 and Model Y. Available directly through Tesla service centers, these custom wraps allow owners to transform the exterior color and finish of their electric vehicle with professional-grade materials and installation, detailed check out Tesla official page.


The wraps are offered in two main categories – Clear Wraps for paint protection and Color Wraps for a new solid color. Prices range from $3,500 for a Clear Wrap up to $8,000 for premium Color Wrap options like Satin Stealth Black and Crimson Red.

On social media, some have questioned whether the pricing is too high considering wholesale material costs. However, according to Tesla’s own support page, these wraps utilize a “wet-apply” urethane film rather than the cheaper “dry” PPF vinyl wraps commonly offered by third parties.

The “wet-apply” process uses a specialized adhesive that allows the material to bond directly with the paint surface. This provides better conformity for a showroom-quality factory finish that is also scratch and swirl resistant.

While a basic vinyl wrap may cost only $1,000-$2,000 in materials, the wet-apply urethane films used by Tesla justify the higher pricing. Additionally, Tesla’s wraps are warrantied and can be safely removed by any reputable wrap shop when desired.

For Model 3 and Y owners seeking more customization, Tesla’s proprietary wraps offer an OEM-grade upgrade over aftermarket options. While still an expensive endeavor, the durability and manufacturer backing provide value for the premium cost.

Considering a basic paint job can cost $5,000+, Tesla’s wraps offer reasonable personalization by comparison. As Tesla aims to provide an end-to-end brand experience, factory wraps make sense as a new offering.

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