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Home » Tesla Model S Plaid vs Lucid Air Sapphire – Battle of the High-Power EVs

Tesla Model S Plaid vs Lucid Air Sapphire – Battle of the High-Power EVs


Two ultra-high performance electric sedans are pushing power and speed limits, Tesla Model S Plaid versus the new Lucid Air Sapphire. These 1,000+ hp EVs aim for unmatched acceleration, but at very different price points.

Model S Plaid has dominated as the quickest production EV with militant performance:

  • 1,020 hp and 0-60 mph in 1.99 seconds
  • Top speed of 204+ mph
  • 405 miles of range
  • $89,990 starting price

Lucid Air Sapphire debuts as the new top dog with exotic hypercar-rivaling specs:

  • 1,234 hp and 0-60 mph in 1.89 seconds
  • 205+ mph top speed
  • 427 miles of range
  • $249,000 starting price

For now, the Air Sapphire steals the crown as the quickest and most powerful EV at a staggering 1,234 hp. But the Model S Plaid counters with real-world performance, intelligent launch control, and a much lower price.

Lucid Air Sapphire Rolls Off the Assembly Line, Bringing a New EV Sports Sedan to Market

The Air Sapphire boasts advanced torque vectoring and suspension tuning to optimize its power. But it lacks Tesla’s neural network adaptive power management, Model S Plaid’s NACS system tailors motor output for perfect launches tailored to conditions.

Both sedans promise over 400 miles of range despite insane horsepower. But the Model S adds Tesla’s industry-leading fast charging network with 50,000+ Superchargers worldwide.

The Model S Plaid enables hands-free Autopilot driving assistance and soon full self-driving. Lucid’s DreamDrive Pro system offers similar capabilities but without neural net autonomy.

Tesla Model S Plaid

At double the price, the Air Sapphire needs to stand out. While its 1,234 hp and torque vectoring are impressive, the Model S Plaid’s proven combo of usable performance, ( with track package sets new lap record at Nürburgring), intelligent drivetrain, expansive charging, and advanced driver-assist gives it an edge for most buyers.

The Lucid Air Sapphire may claim the title of quickest production car ever built. But the Model S Plaid retains its all-around crown as the ultimate high-performance EV with thrilling speed most drivers can actually afford and enjoy. We’ll see if Lucid has additional tricks in store to take down the Tesla.

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