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Tesla Rolling Out a Useful New Feature Predictive Charger Availability

Tesla supercharger

Tesla has begun rolling out a useful new feature to US owners – Predictive Charger Availability. As the name suggests, this goes beyond just showing currently open Supercharger stalls to actually predict availability upon arrival.

Tesla Predictive Charger Availability

By analyzing real-time data on stall usage, wait times, and how many other Teslas are navigating to a site, the algorithm forecasts how many stalls are likely to be open when you get there. This gives drivers a much more accurate estimate compared to static real-time status.

Predictive availability promises to further optimize the Supercharger routing experience. Now the navigation system can account for near-future demand surges and suggest stations likely to have more open capacity on arrival.

This should reduce headaches from diverting to busier sites than anticipated. With smarter foresight, Tesla can distribute charging traffic more evenly and avoid congestion pain points proactively.

Kudos to the team for enhancing an already excellent trip planning system. Continual improvements like predictive availability illustrate how Tesla leverages big data and AI to refine products over time.

Owners in the US should start seeing predicted availability in the navigation routing screens which factors in stall utilization along the route. This data-driven approach exemplifies Tesla’s innovative spirit – always seeking a better solution.

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