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Amazon’s Rivian Electric Delivery Van Fleet Grows to 10,000 Vehicles

Amazon's Rivian Electric Delivery Van Fleet

Amazon has announced its fleet of electric delivery vans from Rivian now totals 10,000 vehicles servicing routes across the United States and Europe. Rivian delivered an average of 55 vans per day to Amazon since July, with the e-commerce giant previously having around 5,000 in operation.

The rapid EV fleet expansion highlights Amazon’s progress towards its commitment of net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Rivian’s electric vans help significantly lower Amazon’s transportation emissions as it phases out diesel-powered delivery vehicles.

Amazon and Rivian engineers collaborated closely on developing the electric van with delivery needs in mind. Features like 360-degree visibility, collision avoidance systems, and route integration optimize the driver experience and safety.

To date, the 10,000 Rivian vans have completed over 150 million package deliveries. The vehicles are designed to operate maintenance-free for up to 10 years and 330,000 miles before replacement.

Rivian’s unique skateboard chassis packs the battery, suspension, motors and controls efficiently, maximizing cargo space. The spacious interior also allows for easier movement and shelf access for drivers.

Embedded infotainment integrates with Amazon’s delivery workflow systems for intuitive route planning, hands-free navigation and driver assistance. This allows for safe, efficient deliveries with minimal vehicle downtime for charging.

The success of the Rivian partnership has Amazon rapidly scaling up EV adoption. With 100,000 electric vans ordered from Rivian, Amazon’s logistics network is on track to cut diesel dependency and associated emissions substantially over the next decade.

Rivian continues to ramp up production to fulfill Amazon’s orders while exploring other logistics applications. The flexibility of its skateboard platform allows for larger delivery van sizes and specialty vehicles using the same core components.

With 10,000 already in operation, Rivian and Amazon have shown the viability of commercial-scale electric delivery. Amazon’s rapid accumulation of EVs brings carbon-neutral shipping closer to reality as sustainable transportation takes center stage.

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