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Tesla Constructing 30MW Solar Roof at Giga Texas – Set to Be World’s Largest

Tesla Constructing 30MW Solar Roof at Giga Texas

Tesla is constructing a massive solar array on the roof of its Giga Texas factory that will be the largest rooftop system in the world once complete, 30 megawatt solar installation will help power operations at Tesla’s newest Gigafactory.

Logan Grant, Tesla’s senior manager of factory engineering, provided an update on the solar project during a recent presentation. He confirmed that phase 1 is already finished, generating around 10 megawatts of power so far.

The full 30 megawatt system will be activated as construction wraps up, Grant stated that when finished, Tesla’s Giga Texas solar roof will likely be the largest on Earth.

To put the size into perspective, 30 megawatts would be enough to power approximately 5,000 homes, rooftop array consists of around 70,000 solar panels blanketing the factory’s 10 million square foot roof area.

Tesla’s Giga Texas facility in Austin produces the company’s new Model Y crossover SUV and will eventually manufacture the Cybertruck as well, the site took less than two years to build thanks to Tesla’s rapid construction techniques.

Installing an expansive solar system aligns with Tesla’s environmental mission and will reduce operating costs through on-site power generation. Tesla buildings and factories typically incorporate solar to some degree.

For example, the company’s original Fremont Factory in California has a 70 megawatt ground-mounted solar array, Tesla’s Giga in Buffalo, New York sources some of its energy needs from a large rooftop solar system.

But Giga Texas takes things to a new level and will demonstrate the capabilities of commercial-scale rooftop solar. In addition to the cost and emissions reductions, the massive array serves as a prominent advertisement for Tesla’s clean energy capabilities.

Texas may seem like an unlikely place for a record-breaking solar installation given its reputation. But the state’s deregulated power market and abundant land make it highly attractive for large renewable energy projects.

With Tesla energy demand only set to grow as Giga Texas scales vehicle production, its supersized solar roof will ensure a reliable in-house supply of emissions-free power. Once again, Tesla is thinking big and pushing boundaries as it works to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

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