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Home ยป Tesla’s Cyberquad for kids is back in stock in the US for $1,900, 15 Miles of Range

Tesla’s Cyberquad for kids is back in stock in the US for $1,900, 15 Miles of Range

Tesla Cyberquad

Tesla has re-launched sales of its popular Cyberquad for Kids, the pint-sized ATV inspired by the upcoming Cybertruck. Now back in stock for US customers at $1,900, the electric Cyberquad has received enhancements over the past two years to improve performance and safety.

Designed in partnership with Radio Flyer, the Cyberquad for Kids provides ages 8 and up with an exciting off-road adventure experience. Power comes from a lithium-ion battery enabling up to 15 miles of range and speeds up to 10 mph, delivered through a 500W motor.

Radio Flyer CEO Robert Pasin commented, “We’re thrilled to announce the official relaunch of the Cyberquad for Kids, a product we have been working to enhance for the last two years. Our award-winning product development team has worked closely with the Tesla Design Studio to update this new model.”

Originally launched in late 2021, the Cyberquad quickly sold out in the US. This 2023 refreshed version features upgraded components to boost durability, battery life, and overall performance for young riders.

Safety remains a top priority, with integrated speed limits and adjustable seats and suspension. The rugged, high-grade steel frame can handle off-road terrain.

For parents, the Cyberquad supports adult-controlled speed limit adjustments and includes a cushioned seat and roll cage for protection. With fat tires and rear disk braking, kids can traverse grass, dirt and gravel confidently.

The mini Cyberquad’s styling convincingly replicates the Cybertruck’s angular design in a kid-sized ride. Customers can choose between red or black models to match their Cybertruck specs.

In China, Tesla offers the Cyberquad for Kids at a higher 12,990 RMB price, equivalent to around $2,000 USD after currency conversion.

Priced significantly below adult-sized Cyberquad also announced by Tesla, the pint-sized ATV provides families with an exciting way to introduce children to electric vehicles in a thrilling yet safe package.