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Tesla Cybertruck Delivers Groundbreaking Bidirectional Charging, V2L Capabilities


Tesla’s futuristic Cybertruck is cementing itself as the most versatile electric pickup after new deliveries unlocked bidirectional charging features plus a full suite of outlets enabling impressive vehicle-to-load (V2L) mobile power delivery. Beyond trailblazing up to 11.5kW home backup juice during outages, continuous 2.4kW onboard sockets liberate next-level worksite and camping flexibility.

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Most intriguingly, Vice President Drew Baglino hinted full bidirectional operation could spread through the lineup within two years – defying Elon Musk’s skepticism. While confirmation remains pending, equipping suitable Teslas to push power grid and peer vehicles hints at Musk embracing vehicle-grid integration.

For now, the Cybertruck boasts five total outlets spanning 120V household sockets to a heavy-duty 240V outlet rated for intense industrial gear – together supplying up to 9.6kW continuous. That handily trounces the Ford F-150 Lightning’s standard 2.4kW ceiling without expensive option upgrades.

Impressively, pairing Cybertruck’s battery with a Powerwall system enables sustained 11.5kW home charging to cover outages for “over three days” – suggesting a pack size between 90-120kWh. Tesla also notes the truck can directly feed homes despite Musk’s previous reluctance about going “dark” after unplugging.

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries unlocked bidirectional charging features

While Ford’s Lightning still holds practicality advantages thanks to sheer outlet numbers, Tesla matches or exceeds maximum wattages through almost every port. That proves a cyberpunk dream realization for hardcore off-grid enthusiasts and contractors alike.

For owners lacking Powerwalls, Tesla offers a Wall Connector, Gateway backend router and optional automatic transfer switch sold separately to unlock full capabilities. Considering Ford’s equivalent home integration addon runs $3900 however, Tesla’s la carte pricing seems reasonable enabling custom tailoring.

And pairing your Cybertruck with a friend’s EV via common J1772 adapters now enables vehicle-to-vehicle charging just like Ford’s system too.

Altogether, the Cybertruck’s bidirectional charging debut lays vital groundwork for larger aspirations getting entire Tesla fleets updating power grids during events through aggregated intelligent response. Spooling up V2X technology at scale could someday save lives amid disruptions while pioneering sustainability gains as sci-fi writers envisioned.

For now, owners can enjoy ultimate energy independence and versatility tackling adventures off the beaten path. But make no mistake – the ripples from this emerging capability could reshape far larger societal power dynamics beyond personal convenience.

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