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Cybertruck: Tesla’s Electric Pickup Packs Power, Range and Charging Speed


Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup boasts impressive capabilities to match its angular stainless steel body. Both the all-wheel drive dual motor and high-performance tri-motor “Cyberbeast” configurations pack a sizable 123kWh battery, while an optional 50kWh range extender pushes driving range even further, truck also charges crazy fast at up to 350kW. But with such big batteries and beastly specs, how does it all fit together and perform?

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Cybertruck’s battery sizes position it as one of the longest-range electric trucks coming to market. The 123kWh capacity powers 250+ miles in the dual motor or 300+ miles in the tri-motor. Then theavailable 50kWh range extender adds extra driving range while allowing the main pack to charge faster.

Cybertruck is cementing itself as the most versatile electric pickup after new deliveries unlocked bidirectional charging features plus a full suite of outlets enabling impressive vehicle-to-load (V2L) mobile power delivery.

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries unlocked bidirectional charging features

At Supercharger stations where the Cybertruck really shines, with support for charging speeds up to 350kW, the Cybertruck can add 140 miles of range in just 15 minutes. To go from a 15% charge to 85% takes a mere 18 minutes. No other production EV can charge this quickly. Tesla’s V4 Supercharger network enables such blinding charging velocity.

The specs around the Cybertruck check all the boxes for power, range and charging. But it’s not just about numbers – Tesla aims to deliver what truck owners truly need. Towing capacity reaches 14,000+ pounds while payload tops 3,500 pounds. There’s adaptive air suspension and up to 16 inches of ground clearance for off-roading, exterior combines Function and utility with a bold shape made possible purely by its exoskeletal stainless steel construction.

Marques Brownlee has posted his 40 minutes Cybertruck review, going over a lot of specs and detail, every single detail you need to know from time driving the Tesla Cybertruck, from the stainless steel to hidden storage to the rear wheel steering to the range extender.

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