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Home » Cybertruck Design Safer for Pedestrians Than F-150, Cybertruck sloped hood which deflects impact

Cybertruck Design Safer for Pedestrians Than F-150, Cybertruck sloped hood which deflects impact

F-150 vs Cybertruck sloped hood which deflects impact

A viral tweet thread recently claimed narratives positioning Tesla’s angular Cybertruck as hazardously unsafe seem logically flawed. The tweets highlighted conventional truck designs arguably pose greater pedestrian threats given massive flat front ends. Elon Musk reply a X post supported assertions that the Cybertruck’s form factor improves safety. But is Tesla’s stainless steel wedge on track to set new pickup protection standards?

Initially calling skepticism towards the Cybertruck “complete BS”, the tweet showed Ford’s bestselling F-150 beside Tesla’s stainless wedge. The post emphasized how the F-150’s broad front face could inflict grave harm compared to the Cybertruck’s sloped hood which deflects impact.

Further tweets suggested the Cybertruck unusual styling becomes lifesaving once scrutinized – where critics mock apparent oddness, thoughtful engineering aims to protect vulnerable road users. Even the overall height teardrop shape ostensibly prevents flipping smaller vehicles during collisions.

Retweeting the thread, Musk concurred that per-mile, Cybertruck should prove “much safer” for both passengers and pedestrians versus legacy pickup offerings. Of course, Tesla vehicles already leverage industry-leading active safety systems, and features like collision avoidance will improve through future firmware updates.

While some traditionalists balk at the Cybertruck’s futuristic form, unconventional thinking may catalyze overdue safety innovations in a category where aesthetics often eclipse functional considerations. As segments like SUVs and crossovers continue gaining market share, emphasizing protection for those inside and outside the vehicle grows increasingly important.

And if outlandish looks drive life-saving transformations, tradeoffs seem well worthwhile. The Cybertruck promises to merge boundary-pushing style with substance for safer roads. Do you agree skeptics should withhold judgment regarding the Cybertruck’s form and safety?

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