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Home ยป Tesla Introduces Model 3 $35 and Model Y $35 Tire Protection in California

Tesla Introduces Model 3 $35 and Model Y $35 Tire Protection in California


Tesla is now offering supplemental tire damage coverage at service centers across California, with basic plans starting at $35 annually per wheel, in October Tesla rolls out factory color wrap options for Model 3 and Model Y. Aiming to offset repair costs from road hazards, could optional protection give peace of mind to rideshare operators or warranty skeptics alike?

Dubbed the Tesla Tire Protection Plan, the coverage functions similarly to an extended warranty – providing safeguards once the standard tire guarantee expires. It specifically covers situations like punctures from debris, pothole gashes, or curb scrubbing for 12 months after installing new Tesla-approved tires.

Tesla Tire Protection Plan

Without protection, owners face paying full retail pricing for issues arising after the factory warranty. But the Protection Plan alleviates unexpected expenses, replacing or repairing wheels and tires instead. Of course plan limitations still apply, but the premise gives owners financial confidence during the peak probability of tire damage.

In a welcome move, Tesla offers quotes scaled per vehicle, with pricing starting around $35 per tire based on dimensions, Model X 20″ wheels $90. Still, the non-trivial savings from a single tire or wheel replacement likely offsets years of membership fees.

Unfortunately for non-California residents, geographic restrictions temporarily limit enrollment eligibility. Yet positive feedback could expedite nationwide expansion if sufficient interest exists.

In effect, Tesla adapts the supplemental coverage playbook long employed by automakers for wear-and-tear components like brakes or clutches. And by marrying familiar offerings with digital flexibility, the company continues innovating around customer convenience and lifecycle satisfaction.

For owners logging serious mileage or hesitant about warranty voids, robust tire plans grant confidence and value. What do you think – could insurance-style offerings better cater to Tesla’s service needs? Or is upselling protection plans mostly about profits over problem resolution?