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Tesla Kicks Off Invitations for $120K Cybertruck Deliveries


The long wait for Tesla’s unconventional pickup truck is finally ending for some lucky reservation holders. Tesla has started contacting early Cybertruck reservists to take delivery of the hotly anticipated Foundation Series models. Carrying a lofty $120,000 price tag, these “fully loaded” trucks aim to kickstart Tesla’s disruption of the lucrative pickup market in 2024.

Dubbed “Foundation” models, these first production Cybertrucks come packed with just about every option and upgrade imaginable. We’re talking limited edition badging, premium interior accessories, at-home charging equipment with backup power capabilities, rugged off-road tires, and Tesla’s lauded FSD software suite. Oh, and free lifetime premium connectivity caps it off.

Tesla cybertruck

For one excited reservation holder, Tesla’s invite raised an important question – would their truck still qualify for Tesla’s long-promised free wrap service? (Tesla Offers $6,500 Cybertruck Color Paint Film Wrap Kits) An awesome bonus, though not officially confirmed yet for Foundation models.

While sticker shock may cause some reservation holders to delay their purchase, the loaded $120K Foundation trucks will generate vital revenue for Tesla while also serving as public-facing “halo” products. Pitched against alternatives like the Rivian R1T Max, Ford F-150 Lightning, and GMC Hummer EV, the Cybertruck borders on bargain given all the cutting-edge functionality included.

And this is only the beginning – Tesla plans broader Cybertruck production for lower tier models starting in 2024. The long-term ambition remains displacing America’s best-selling ICE pickups, the Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado. Tesla continues building out new factories and infrastructure to support its pickup push.

Few vehicles inspire opinions as strongly as the Cybertruck – its angularOrigins design draws devotion and derision in equal measure. But with the first $120K models set for delivery amid massive hype, Tesla again proves there is no such thing as bad publicity. The company set the bar high for the Foundation Series Cybertruck, packing it with exclusive features fit for one-percenter pickup enthusiasts. For devoted fans on the waiting list – Christmas arrives very early this year!

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