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Home » Tesla Offers $6,500 Cybertruck Color Paint Film Wrap Kits Guarding Iconic Stainless Steel

Tesla Offers $6,500 Cybertruck Color Paint Film Wrap Kits Guarding Iconic Stainless Steel


Eager to preserve the Cybertruck’s raw stainless steel armor from dents or corrosion while adding personalization, Tesla now markets official matte color paint film wrap kits starting at $6,500. Part of a broader range of 25+ accessories revealed this week, the durable wraps apply at select California installations to guard that apocalypse-ready exterior in your choice of matte white or matte black sheathing.

Rather than traditional automotive paint vulnerable to scratches which Tesla claims the stainless body resists better anyway. Just don’t expect exotic color options – neutral tones keep that battlewagon war machine vibe strong.

For half the price at $5,000, basic satin clear film also promises subtle gleam while avoiding texture change, wraps hardly mark Tesla’s only PPF-style protective offerings unveiled, with $400 tailgate ramps, $800 roof racks, cargo dividers and other practical upgrades available too.

Tesla cybertruck matte color paint film wrap

In October, launched an official vehicle wrap service for Model 3 and Model Y owners in the United States, wraps are offered in two main categories – Clear Wraps for paint protection and Color Wraps for a new solid color, $3,500 for a clear wrap up to $8,000 for premium color wrap options like Satin Stealth Black and Crimson Red, premium ‘Wet-Apply’ film rather than cheaper dry PPF.

But for immediate curb appeal upon unveiling your groundbreaking new rig, it’s tough to ignore the dramatic impact of those full-body Cybertruck wraps. Expect enhanced resistance against debris damage, UV rays and the occasional wayward shopping cart lest any see your baby bruised.

Of course, that sturdy stainless steel shell theoretically already handles dents and corrosion better than paint. Yet for some extra insurance backing Tesla’s bold durability claims, these wraps bridge the gap starting at just 10% of the full vehicle price.

While off-menu personalization always came at a premium for Tesla owners through unofficial third-party channels, Cybertruck’s scope as an unprecedented lifestyle product line makes OEM custom add-ons feel natural rather than mere revenue grabs. Now about those portable solar charging attachments and off-road upgrades…

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