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Ford’s 2024 F-150 Touts Generator to “Power Up Stranded Teslas”


Ford unveiled its redesigned 2024 F-150 pickup truck last night, showcasing a new high-tech interior, upgraded powertrains, and a not-so-subtle jab at Tesla.

The refreshed F-150 gets a 12-inch touchscreen as standard equipment along with a new 12-inch digital gauge cluster and available heads-up display. Exterior styling has been tweaked with new LED lighting, an updated grille, and a handy new tailgate assist step.


But one of the most interesting new features is Ford’s 7.2kWh Pro Power Onboard system, which can provide up to 2.4kW of power for worksite tools, campsites, and more. During the reveal event, Ford couldn’t resist poking fun at Tesla, boasting the F-150 can “even help a stranded Tesla driver power up their car on the side of the road.”

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The comments play into Ford’s branding of the F-150 lineup as the quintessential American truck. However, according to the American Automotive Labeling Act, Tesla’s vehicles are actually among the most American-made on the market while Ford’s rank much lower.

Ironically, Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck is likely to be more American-built than Ford’s own full-size pickups. But Ford is hoping patriotic marketing and features like the built-in generator will appeal to pickup buyers when the 2024 F-150 arrives next year.

The new technology and creature comforts represent Ford’s latest effort to defend its pickup truck dominance against newcomers like Tesla. The F-150 has been America’s best-selling vehicle for decades. Ford is now leveraging that heritage while adding innovative features to stave off rising competition.

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