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Home » Cybertruck 2023 vs 2019 During the original unveil, What final production model set?

Cybertruck 2023 vs 2019 During the original unveil, What final production model set?


When Elon Musk first unveiled the futuristic Cybertruck concept back in 2019, it turned heads with its blade-like exterior and ostentatious features. However, after years of speculation, the question on everyone’s mind was – what would actually make it into the final production model set to begin manufacturing in 2023?

As it turns out, the Cybertruck went into production packing some unexpected upgrades under the hood (and body) that have truck enthusiasts even more eager to get behind the wheel. Here’s a closer look at some of the surprise additions and enhancements:

Bigger Ground Clearance

The Cybertruck boasts a generous 17.44” of ground clearance, exceeding the initial 16” target. This extra clearance improves the truck’s ability to tackle off-road terrain and obstacles. Paired with features like rear-wheel steering, the Cybertruck seems poised to impress on the trails. The added ground clearance should help it traverse rocky terrain, deep ruts, steep inclines, and other challenging obstacles.

Tesla cybertruck

Structural 4680 Battery Pack

By utilizing Tesla’s larger 4680 battery cells, the production Cybertruck gains improvements to range, power, and structural integrity. The 4680 structural pack is an integral part of the vehicle, leading to better safety and performance. With the capability to enable longer range between charges, more torque, and a stronger overall vehicle body, this battery upgrade marks a meaningful advance over traditional packs.

Tesla Cybertruck deliveries unlocked bidirectional charging features

Range Extender Option

RWD and AWD models can be equipped with a range extender to grant longer driving distances between charges, 320 mile range Tri-motor (500 exp), range extender is available that brings it to 440 miles but it’s $16k. This should help alleviate range anxiety, especially for road trippers or remote adventure-seekers. The ability to bolster baseline range numbers with the range extender will give Cybertruck owners added confidence when trekking off the beaten path.

cybertruck range extender

Surprise Towing/Payload Capabilities

With up to 11,000 pounds of towing capacity on dual motor variants and a payload of 2,500 pounds, the Cybertruck exceeds expectations for a pickup in its class. While higher tow ratings were initially floated, these official numbers are nothing to scoff at. Whether you need to hitch up an RV, horse trailer, or work equipment, the Cybertruck promises to get the job done with an impressive tow rating.

Other Unexpected Additions:

  • Steer-by-wire technology enhances handling and control
  • A 48-volt electrical architecture unlocks features like onboard power tools
  • Charging capacity up to 350kW for lightning-quick charging sessions
  • Rear wheel steering for tighter turning radii and enhanced agility
  • Integrated air compressor and other handy utilities still to be confirmed

Of course, the Cybertruck also went into production missing some initially promoted features like a tailgate ramp, six seat option, sail panel storage bins, and a 14,000 pound tow rating. Pricing much higher than expected, long wait for Tesla’s unconventional pickup truck is finally ending for some lucky reservation holders. Tesla has started contacting early Cybertruck reservists to take delivery of the hotly anticipated Foundation Series models. Carrying a lofty $120,000 price tag.

So while the 2023 Cybertruck remains ambitious and futuristic at its core, these unexpected production upgrades make it an even more compelling proposition for truck shoppers and outdoor explorers alike. With game-changing range, power, tech features and towing skills, Tesla’s radical experiment promises to shake up and redefine the pickup truck landscape in years to come. However, only time will tell whether pricing and other factors play a role in the futuristic truck gaining widespread adoption out on roads, worksites, and off-road trails across the country.