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Diving Deep into Cybertruck’s “Wade Mode”, How Work to Keep Water Out and Enable River Crossings?


Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup promises to be one of the most capable vehicles for off-road adventures. Among its touted features is a “Wade Mode” that allows the truck to handle driving through water over 2.5 feet (0.76 meters) deep. This capability surpasses most other mainstream trucks and SUVs. So how does this feature work to keep water out and enable river crossings?

Cybertruck’s “Wade Mode”

Cybertruck’s Wade Mode relies on what Tesla dubs a “Scuba Pack” system. This Pressurized system uses the built-in air suspension to seal and add pressure to key components, like the battery pack underneath the vehicle. By using compressed air to increase outward pressure, it helps prevent water from entering sensitive drivetrain parts.

cybertruck "scuba valve block" channels

To activate Wade Mode, drivers simply need to push a button on the central touchscreen interface inside Cybertruck. The system then raises the ride height for extra ground clearance and pressurizes the Scuba Pack. With the electronics and battery sealed off, the truck can safely traverse through water up to the top of the front bumper and wheel wells.

Wade Mode has some limitations to keep in mind. It takes up to 10 minutes to fully pressurize before entering the water, limit of 30 minutes in operation to prevent straining components for too long, system will automatically deactivate once that threshold is reached.

So whether crossing a river, driving on a flooded road, or charging through heavy storm runoff, Cybertruck’s Wade Mode will bring new levels of capability. No other electric truck today can handle over 2 feet of water. And this technology even surpasses most internal combustion trucks currently on the market.

As Tesla continues testing prototypes, they also hint at potential upgrades to handle even deeper water. Elon Musk says provide a paid upgrade/mod for the Cybertruck that will allow it to handle deeper water depths than in “Wade Mode”. While no timeline is set, fans eagerly await the chance to make Cybertruck a true aquatic exploration machine.

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