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Home » GM Hits Speed Bump as Software Woes Halt Blazer EV Sales, Go to Dealership to Update Software?

GM Hits Speed Bump as Software Woes Halt Blazer EV Sales, Go to Dealership to Update Software?

Chevy Blazer EV

GM slammed the brakes on sales of its eagerly awaited Blazer EV crossover, issuing a stop-sale order over tricky software gremlins, setback deals an embarrassing blow as GM scrambles to play catch-up in the EV race.

Problems surfaced shortly after launch, with owners reporting glitchy displays, warning messages, and fault codes seemingly triggered by buggy programming. While not safety related, the issues proved annoying enough for GM to halt deliveries until fixed.

This stoppage forces new Blazer EV customers to bide their time until dealers can update the software. Once a patch is ready, owners must schedule appointments to have the EV serviced before driving away.

The workaround highlights drawbacks of legacy automakers versus Tesla. Rather than instantly pushing an OTA fix, GM relies on old-fashioned dealer visits for any update. This not only proves inconvenient for owners, but also slower and more costly on GM’s end.

Early adopters are understandably frustrated considering the Blazer EV’s lengthy hype cycle. Beset by delays, this pivotal model was finally supposed to showcase GM’s software and EV prowess. Instead, it’s exhibiting familiar shortcomings in modern tech delivery.

As one journalist who acquired a bug-riddled test vehicle put it: “In just one trip, our Blazer EV went from perfectly fine to totally on the fritz.” Not an auspicious start for GM’s emerging EV lineup if reliability suffers similar setbacks.

While the Blazer EV issue seems likely a temporary hiccup, it underscores the work still ahead for legacy automakers adapting to software-defined vehicles. As consumer expectations advance, buggy digital experiences won’t cut it. Delivering seamless OTA updates offers a huge advantage Tesla won’t surrender easily.

For GM, hopefully this serves as a teaching moment rather than reputation-tarnishing debacle. The Blazer EV holds immense promise as a turning point model. But only if quality reaches the level buyers now demand in the 21st century? Let’s hope GM developers are fast learners!

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