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Home » NIO ET9 Ultra-luxury Electric Sedan Aims for Electric Flagship Glory, Priced Around $113k

NIO ET9 Ultra-luxury Electric Sedan Aims for Electric Flagship Glory, Priced Around $113k


China’s Nio unveiled its most ambitious model yet, the ultra-luxury ET9 electric sedan. Packed with bleeding-edge technology, exquisite appointments, and radical performance, the ET9 seeks to establish Nio among the elite luxury EV ranks.

Priced around $113,000, Nio positions the ET9 as a flagship showcase of its expertise. The sedan aims to fuse boundary-pushing innovation with comfort expected from premier automotive brands like Mercedes-Maybach.

At the heart of the ET9 sits Nio’s latest in-house developed 46105 battery cells. Their next-gen chemistry enables blistering performance, with power output potentially topping 1000 horsepower, 900-volt architecture also enables industry-leading and 600kW fast charging, 158 miles in 5 mins charge times.

Nio developed a proprietary self-driving chip leveraging advanced 5nm fabrication for the ET9’s autonomous capabilities. Paired with an array of sensors like 4D imaging radar, Nio boasts best-in-class assisted driving tech. Steer-by-wire technology further accentuates the ET9’s futuristic credentials.

Inside, the sedan indulges passengers with luxurious rear seats resembling a penthouse living room. Opulent fabrics and amenities cater to Chinese elite accustomed to being chauffeured.


Yet the ET9 also promises engaging driving dynamics with an ultra-rigid chassis and advanced active suspension system. Nio aims to blend delicate precision with brute supercar force for a truly versatile sport sedan.

Make no mistake, Nio intends the ET9 to shatter perceptions of the brand being just a lifestyle player, sheer breadth of proprietary technologies poured into this tour de force showcase Nio’s growing capabilities and resources.

Nio also unveiled its latest generation battery swap station allowing ET9 owners to rapidly exchange depleted packs for fully charged ones in minutes. But with the ET9’s mammoth long-range battery, swapping may prove unnecessary except on extreme road trips.

Clearly, the ET9 sets its sights on established elite European marques like Mercedes-Maybach, Porsche, and the like. Nio designed this flagship to beat them at their own game while charting the future of mobility.

Look for the Nio ET9 to start deliveries in early 2025. While exclusivity will be limited initially, expect a waitlist quickly overflowing with affluent Chinese buyers hungry for the pride and status of Nio’s new halo EV. The dawn of a new automotive dynasty from the East has arrived!