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Home » Tesla Rolls Out FSD v12 to Select Employees, Confirmation from CEO Elon Musk

Tesla Rolls Out FSD v12 to Select Employees, Confirmation from CEO Elon Musk

Tesla FSD

Tesla appears to be slowly rolling out its much-anticipated Full Self-Driving v12 software to employees, according to confirmation from CEO Elon Musk. This significant update inches closer to delivering on Tesla’s autonomous promises.

FSD v12 rollout initially seems limited only to Tesla’s early access group of employees based in the United States. Wider expansion to Early Access Program customers will likely occur gradually as testing continues.

Considering the magnitude of changes in v12, a conservative rollout approach makes prudent sense. This build aims to remove the lingering “beta” label and pave the way for regulatory approval of hands-free autonomous operation. As such, ensuring rock-solid stability is critical before expanding availability.

While testing is ongoing, details remain scant. Release notes are understandably incomplete for early internal builds not intended for public rollout yet. We know v12 promises a full functional rewrite of FSD using modern AI frameworks to boost performance and smoothness.

Earlier this month, Elon Musk boldly announced v12’s arrival within two weeks, aggressive timeline was met with some skepticism, November 25, Elon Musk finally livestreamed Tesla FSD beta V12 on X. However, initial employee access proves Tesla is on track for its self-imposed deadlines so far.

But don’t expect to download FSD v12 on your personal Tesla just yet, limited employee build phase means final testing and tweaks are still underway. As Musk stated previously, Tesla aims to remove the beta label fully in 2024 and seek official approval of autonomous functionality.

If Tesla’s vision comes to fruition, v12 could transform sci-fi self-driving dreams into reality at last. Tesla engineers still face complex technical and regulatory challenges ahead. Stay tuned for wider rollout details as this functionality shapes transportation’s future!

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