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Elon Musk Antics Appear Not to Dent Tesla EV Appeal

Elon Musk

Tesla continues defying gravity despite Elon Musk’s controversial antics, according to the latest Heatmap Climate Poll, survey found Musk’s behavior is now making 35% of prospective EV buyers more likely to choose Tesla, up from 31% in February.

Simultaneously, those claiming Musk turned them off to Tesla dropped from 36% to 27% between February and November. This data suggests Tesla’s brand image seems impervious to its CEO’s unpredictable actions.

Elon Musk Antics Appear Not to Dent Tesla's Appeal

The poll surveyed 1,000 Americans across all 50 states to gauge Musk’s impact on Tesla’s appeal. While Musk undoubtedly alienated some consumers through his tweeting and other exploits, more existing supporters are digging in.

This fervent loyalty is borne out in Tesla’s market performance. Despite Musk’s antics, Tesla dominates EV sales while its stock continues smashing records.

Clearly, Musk maintains a hold on loyal fans willing to overlook his erratic behaviors, the EV maker’s meteoric rise seems unstoppable as competitors struggle to match its technology and mystique.