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Home » Elon Musk Provides Update on Rollout of Tesla FSD V12

Elon Musk Provides Update on Rollout of Tesla FSD V12

Tesla FSD

Tesla CEO Elon Musk just gave an update on the status of the company’s highly anticipated FSD V12 software. According to Musk, V12 is already running on many Tesla vehicles, but the company is proceeding cautiously given the completely new neural network architecture.

Tesla appears to be slowly rolling out its much-anticipated Full Self-Driving v12 software to employees, according to confirmation from CEO Elon Musk. This significant update inches closer to delivering on Tesla’s autonomous promises.

Musk stated that FSD V12 is performing very well in California so far. However, the company wants to ensure it works properly in areas with heavy precipitation prior to a wider release.

New version marks a major overhaul of Tesla’s FSD system, enabling more advanced autonomous driving capabilities. But the redesigned neural net requires extensive testing and training before it is proven safe and reliable enough for broad availability.

Musk’s update indicates FSD V12 is making good progress. While the revamped system appears poised to handle clear California conditions with aplomb, Tesla engineers are taking care to verify robust performance in rain, snow and other inclement weather.

This measured approach of incremental testing seeks to validate V12’s capabilities across diverse driving environments. According to Musk, the promising technology simply needs more real-world training before it is ready for activation by the wider Tesla owner base.

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