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Uber Shifts Into High Gear To Electrify Its Fleet With Tesla Incentives, Offering Drivers $2,000


Uber is putting pedal to the metal on its commitment to convert its massive fleet of vehicles to electric, announcing new efforts aimed at accelerating Tesla adoption among its drivers. With rideshare giants like Uber contributing heavily to emissions, the company is now sharing data with Tesla and offering juiced up incentives to drivers – all in hopes of meeting its ambitious emissions-free target by 2030.

December 14, 2023 news from GearMusk, Tesla has collaborated with Uber to roll out enticing purchase incentives for rideshare drivers, new promotion running through the end of 2023, offers drivers up to $3,000 off new Tesla vehicles like the Model 3 and Model Y.

The centerpiece of Uber’s new initiative is opening up its trip data to Tesla, aggregated and anonymized to protect privacy. By seeing where drivers travel most, Tesla can pinpoint ideal locations for new Supercharger stations to enable seamless long-distance electric trips. For drivers, easy access to overnight charging can help alleviate range anxiety, making the transition to EVs feel less daunting. Uber’s data will provide crucial insight for Tesla’s strategic Supercharger buildout.

Additionally, Uber is now offering drivers incentives up to $2,000 for purchasing a new Tesla Model 3 or Model Y. Combined with federal tax credits, that discount takes a serious chunk out of the sticker price, lowering the barrier to entry for drivers considering going electric. To qualify, drivers must take delivery by March 31st and complete 100 trips by May 15th.

Uber drivers in Canada are also eligible for the $2,000 Tesla discount as the company pushes its emission-free goals beyond just the United States.

The Tesla incentives build on Uber’s existing electric vehicle programs. Since 2020, drivers have earned bonuses for transitioning to EVs and received discounts on electric rental cars through Hertz. Uber Green also lets riders specifically request eco-friendly rides.

But Uber needs to keep the incentives coming to accelerate EV adoption among its decentralized driver network. Rides in zero-emission vehicles still only account for 6.5% of trips, so progress remains slow. Competition from rival Lyft also continues to intensify.

While Uber can’t force drivers to ditch gas-powered cars, it’s betting data sharing and purchase incentives give Tesla ownership serious appeal. Transitioning to an EV helps drivers save on gas while qualifying for bonus trip earnings. Lower operating costs can ultimately boost take-home pay.

For Uber, the partnership with Tesla forms a key part of its sustainability plans. The company aims to be emissions-free across the US and Canada by the end of the decade, an ambitious goal in just eight years. Electrifying its drivers will be essential to hitting its target.

Through creative new incentives and data sharing, Teslas may soon become a far more common sight among rideshare drivers. Going electric benefits drivers’ wallets while aligning with riders’ eco-conscious preferences. Now it’s up to Uber’s drivers to get onboard and seize the emission-free future.

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