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Home ยป Minnesota Generous New EV Rebate, Offers $2,500 for New EV and $600 for Used EVs

Minnesota Generous New EV Rebate, Offers $2,500 for New EV and $600 for Used EVs

Minnesota's Generous New EV Rebate

Minnesota is rolling out the green carpet for electric vehicle buyers. The state introduced an EV rebate program that offers $2,500 for new electric cars and $600 for used EVs. This incentive aims to accelerate EV adoption by making these eco-friendly rides more affordable for Minnesotans. check out But what vehicles qualify, and how much could you potentially save?

The rebate covers both full electric and plug-in hybrid models, whether purchased or leased. New EVs must have a base MSRP under $55,000, while used EVs cannot exceed $25,000. The vehicle must be titled in Minnesota and bought after May 25, 2023.

For those crunching the numbers, the rebate combined with the $7,500 federal tax credit could mean over $10,000 in savings on a new EV. Even on a $20,000 used Nissan Leaf, you could save up to $3,100 in total discounts. Not bad for going green!

Of course, incentives are only part of the equation. Charging infrastructure continues to grow, with over 500,000 stations expected nationally by 2030. And as more automakers unveil affordable EV models, choices abound no matter your budget.

So is it time to finally ditch gas and go electric? For many Minnesotans, the math now adds up. Between the state rebate, federal credit, expanding charging network, and new model availability, the barriers to EV adoption are disappearing. The road to sustainable driving just got a little smoother. Let’s blaze a trail to a cleaner transportation future.