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Mercedes Launches Versatile eSprinter Electric Van, Starting Price $72k

Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Electric Van

Mercedes-Benz Vans has electrified its popular Sprinter model with the all-new eSprinter cargo van. Now available at U.S. dealerships, this spacious electric workhorse offers businesses a practical zero-emissions option. With ample cargo capacity and range, does the eSprinter deliver as a capable electric urban hauler?

The eSprinter certainly doesn’t skimp on versatility. It packs up to 488 cubic feet of cargo space, rivaling conventional vans. Owners can secure heavy loads too, with a hefty max payload of 2,624 pounds. The durable composite flooring and tie-downs can handle anything from furniture to construction materials. Bright interior lighting aids visibility when working in the capacious bay.

Providing the eco-friendly muscle is a 113 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packed into the van’s floor. This powers either a 134 hp or 201 hp electric motor mounted on the rear axle. Don’t expect neck-snapping acceleration, but the potent 295 lb-ft torque output should help the rear-wheel-drive eSprinter confidently haul its max payload.

Range reaches 273 miles on a charge – not too shabby for a hulking work vehicle. The top speed of 75 mph enables highway travel between jobs. When it’s time to juice up, the 11 kW onboard charger can replenish those batteries relatively quickly.

On paper, the eSprinter checks the boxes for urban-focused businesses seeking an emissions-free work van. But how does pricing stack up? The entry 134 hp rear-wheel-drive Pro model starts at a reasonable $71,886. Stepping up to the 201 hp variant costs an additional $3,430. Both feature standard safety assists like blind spot monitoring and lane keeping.

While not cheap, the eSprinter undercuts competitors like Rivian’s van by about $10,000. And businesses may recoup some costs through EV tax credits and fuel savings. For contractors, florists, caterers, and other urban operators, the eSprinter warrants a test drive.

Of course, rural-based services may still prefer diesel Sprinters or gasoline vans boasting longer range. But for tackling metro areas with zero tailpipe emissions, the eSprinter has obvious appeal. Combine its generous cargo room and payload with a practical driving range, and this electric van feels primed for eco-conscious businesses.

Work van shoppers now have a compelling EV option from a trusted brand. Does the eSprinter have limitations? Sure. But for many urban commercial applications, this electric cargo-hauler could be a savvy long-term investment.