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Forgetful Tesla Owners Rejoice! New Software Update Adds Helpful Charge Reminders


We’ve all been there – after a long day you finally make it home, park the car, and head inside ready to relax. But then the next morning comes and you realize you forgot to plug in your Tesla! Don’t sweat it, Tesla’s got your back. In the upcoming 2024.2.3 software update, Tesla is adding a super handy “Reminder to Plug In at Home” notification to help forgetful owners remember to charge up.

So how does it work? Basically, if you arrive at your set Home location with less than half your charge limit remaining, the Tesla app will send you a reminder to plug in your ride. For example, if you normally charge to 80% but came home with only 30% left, you’d get a friendly nudge to plug in the vehicle. Pretty neat, right?

Of course, in order for the reminder to work properly, you’ll need to have your Home location setup in the system and have charged there before. Wouldn’t want random reminders if you never charge at home! Tesla notes that your car’s location info stays private too – it’s not shared with Tesla or anyone else.

Given that owners have different preferences, Tesla says the “Reminder to Plug In at Home” will likely be an optional setting. In the Tesla app under Settings > Vehicle, you can already customize notifications for things like software updates, so it seems reasonable that the charge reminder could be toggled on or off as well.

For drivers who often forget to plug in at home, this new reminder notification could be a total game changer! No more getting stuck with low charge or having to supercharge just to get through your day. What a relief! While it’s not an issue for folks with short commutes, for absentminded people or busy families who often forget to charge up, this could really help avoid some hassle.

So kudos to Tesla for listening to user feedback and implementing this convenient, helpful way to give owners a friendly reminder about charging. It’s just one of many ongoing software improvements that show how Tesla continues to refine the ownership experience. No more “duh, I forgot to plug in again” moments. Tesla’s got your back!

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