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Tesla’s Auto Wiper Function Should Receive an Update Soon to Improve Performance

Tesla auto wiper function

When it comes to keeping windshields spick and span, Tesla’s auto wiper system occasionally leaves drivers high and dry. But fret not, an overdue software upgrade promising sharper rain-sensing smarts is just over the horizon.

For years, Tesla’s camera-based “pure vision” approach to autonomous wiping has lagged behind traditional rain sensor setups in both accuracy and responsiveness. As one owner’s viral video laments, the current implementation can be sluggish to activate or deactivate those window-clearing blades when precipitation hits.

December 21, 2023, GearMusk posted Tesla Model 3/Y finally lets drivers override temperamental auto wipers, confirmation has surfaced that improved auto wiper logic now better discerns appropriate triggering conditions.

Thankfully, it seems the electric automaker is finally bringing in reinforcements to shore up this nagging oversight. Senior AI engineer Yun-Ta Tsai recently jumped in to confirm “the new improvement should go out soon” on the Tesla owner’s upload.

No specific details accompanied Yun-Ta Tsai tease. But the bigger picture suggests Tesla’s doubling down on its sensor-free computer vision philosophy for wipers, even as competitors embrace hybrid solutions.

After all, as Tsai contends, relying solely on camera data could ultimately unlock “much better” rain-handling potential compared to “dedicated” hardware sensors. Assuming Tesla’s machine learning models can master decoding those “richer passive signals,” of course.

Either way, Tesla owners weary of streaky windshields or needlessly activated wipers on dry roads should keep their eyes peeled. An auto wiper quality-of-life upgrade could be just the refreshing rinse the feature needs to sweep away those nagging usability gripes for good.

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